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GAMM Activity Group on Uncertainty Quantification (AGUQ)

The Activity Group Uncertainty on Quantification (AGUQ), an organisation within the Gesellschaft for Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (GAMM), fosters collaboration and interaction among mathematicians, engineers and scientists in those areas related to uncertainty quantification (UQ). Promoting UQ as an academic discipline and exploring the connections between UQ and other sciences constitute the main goals of the AGUQ. The members of AGUQ jointly work on advancing theories, methodologies, algorithms and application-driven research in the area of UQ. AGUQ provides a focused forum for scientists interested in exploring the area of uncertainty quantification and an intellectual home for researchers in uncertainty quantification. In addition, the AGUQ organizes meetings and conferences and enhances interactions with the SIAM Activity Group Uncertainty Quantification and the United States Association for Computational Mechanics (USACM).

For further information about the structure of the Activity Group on UQ, see the pages on the AG Chairs, the Members, and the Statutes.


For events organised by, and of interest to, the Activity Group on UQ, see our list of Conferences.

Selected research themes currently pursued by the member of the AGUQ

  • propagation of uncertainty in complex systems
  • long time integration for stochastic PDEs
  • multiscale problems
  • sensitivity analysis
  • Bayesian inverse problems
  • characterization of input uncertainty
  • data assimilation
  • optimization under uncertainty, robust design
  • optimal experimental design
  • reduced order models, low rank approximations, dimension reduction
  • model validation and verification
  • visualization of uncertainty

Selected activities currently conducted by the AG UQ

  • Organization of regular scientific meetings
  • Organization of embedded conferences / minisymposia in larger conferences
  • Cooperation with SIAG/UQ and other professional societies